26 May 2009

Yoo attacks Sotomayor -- Just unbelievable!

I think it takes unbelievable chutzpah for John Yoo, writing on the American Enterprise Institute Blog, to attack Judge Sotomayor on the grounds of alleged lack of legal excellence. John Yoo, who tore the law to shreds in defense of an indefensible torture policy at the behest of the likes of Cheney and his evil minion, David Addington! Unbelievable. No wonder former Colin Powell aide Larry Wilkerson says it's common parlance in the military to refer to AEI as the "Gestapo."

To spell it out, Yoo is a disgrace to the legal profession for his improper justification of the illegal in his Torture Memos. Which is what I said to him an e-mail in response to this piece of dreck.

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