11 February 2011

Irhel! Mubarak out.

Not many comments this week, because I've been laid up with a nasty muscle spasm. But I just wanted to chime in and say that this seems to me to be a genuinely historic occasion: the forcing from power of a dictator by sheer popular will in the World's 16th largest country.

As Americans, we should be thankful that our country showed restraint, and that our leaders said mostly the right things, and (apparently) mostly left the outcome in the hands of the Egyptians themselves. We should also pray for the Egyptian people, that their aspirations for genuine representative government will be fulfilled.

I worry about the involvement of Suleiman, who, as Jane Mayer documented in The Dark Side, is a torturer and murderer. But he is supposed to be a caretaker, and the military, which certainly is aware of the necessity of maintaining the goodwill of the United States, has pledged to oversee a transition to real democratic institutions. 

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