03 February 2011

Josh Marshall on the future of the Israel/Egypt relationship

This piece by Josh Marshall is well worth reading. 

I believe he's right that the hypernationalist regime currently in charge in Israel is failing to show the kind of savvy in crafting alliances to protect the long term security of Israel that was once the hallmark of that nation's leadership. They are just not being realistic about what it will take to keep a working relationship with its neighbors.

But, as Marshall more implies than states, anyone who thinks they know how events in Egypt will (a) turn out; and (b) turn out specifically with respect to the relationship between Egypt and Israel; is kidding himself. Events are very much in flux.

But the one thing that seems clear to me is that the Obama Administration, while they could have done better in acknowledging the legitimacy of popular protests against Mubarak early on, has taken a measured and reasonable tone in the last few days. But behind the scenes, I hope they realize that the maximum possible pressure needs to be brought to bear on Mubarak, and through channels to other potential leaders in that country, for him to go and go now, because the longer he stays, the more likely an extremely negative outcome becomes, for the U.S., for the Egyptian people, and for peace and security with Israel.

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