21 September 2011

AARP to flood Supercommittee with Constitutent E-mails: Don't Cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid

AARP is sending around an e-mail to create constituent e-mails to the Supercommittee. Below is what I sent... much of it is their canned text, but then I added my perhaps obviously more militant comments at the end.

The cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits currently being considered by the supercommittee would have a devastating impact on seniors across the country. I just heard the story of one senior that I wanted to share with you, to help you understand why it's so important that you stand up against unfair benefit cuts.
"I have been working since I was 16 years old, and I'm still working now at age 67. I have no hope of being able to retire while I'm healthy enough to enjoy my non-working years. My husband is 10 years older, and has worked his whole life until he developed multiple health problems that require numerous maintenance drugs. Even with Medicare part D coverage his medications average $400 per month. My job not only provides a salary, but also group health insurance, for myself, that is much less than Medicare + a supplement policy + Medicare part D. We will have a very hard time to make ends meet at the current level of SSI and Medicare Benefits when I am no longer able to work. If there are changes to these plans that reduce benefits I don't know what we will do. We have worked hard our whole lives,have always paid all of our bills on time, and done our best to be good citizens. I implore all of our elected officials to consider the impact that changes to these programs would have on the Seniors in our Country. Please do the right thing by us."

-Elsie N., California

Please remember this story as you make decisions about the future of Social Security and Medicare in the weeks to come. Like Elsie, I am counting on you to protect the benefits I've earned from unfair cuts.

Americans are fed up and angry that, after the financial debacle was caused by profligate casino capitalism, the taxpayers were expected to pony up and bail out the banks and speculators, but when it comes to preserving the key social programs that have ensured a decent standard of living. and a THRIVING CONSUMER ECONOMY, in this country for 70 years, the powerful elites want to cut deficits on the backs of working people, the middle class, and seniors. Understand this, members of the Supercommittee: WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. If there are to be budget adjustments to cut long term debt, they must come PRIMARILY from increasing taxes on those who have been getting an easy ride, and NOT AT ALL from cuts to Social Security; and the only acceptable changes to Medicare and Medicaid are cost controls, NOT BENEFIT CUTS.

We will remember, and vote out of office, anyone who doesn't represent the will of the vast majority of Americans on these issues.

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