16 September 2011

Time for some party discipline

It seems to me this is Primer Politics:

While I'm not a fan of the President's Jobs Bill (because it isn't enough), it seems to me Democrats have no excuse at all for not supporting it and trying hard to convince their constituents to support it... as a first step.

Party discipline is one of the things that has made the Minority Rightist party so powerful. It's time for some on our side. Reid and Pelosi (and Obama) should contact these Blue Dogs, personally...  hell, call 'em into the White House... and tell them bluntly: you get on board and say nothing critical about this bill or you are no longer a Democrat as far as we're concerned, and we will stand someone to challenge you and end your career in politics.

Sometimes you gotta wield the big stick, something none of the Democratic leaders are particularly accomplished at.

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