12 September 2011

As expected, Cantor pretty much tells Prez to jump in a lake

So already Eric Cantor has pretty much told the President to jump in a lake with his jobs bill, or most of it anyway. (The good parts, mainly). (No surprise here).

I'm not a fan of the Jobs Bill, as I've said; it's not big enough and not properly weighted to emphasize direct job creation, which is what we need right now. 

But in any case it seems to me that these foolish Republicans have just handed Obama a terrific campaign issue. Let's just hope his vaunted (and frequently missing in action) political savvy is sufficient to seize the advantage; because he should be able to beat them handily by pointing out that they're 1) against rebuilding America; 2) against putting people back to work; 3) against investing in America's future; 4) opposed to support for Education (just for starters). I really think the Democrats should just let it all hang out and start a WHY DO REPUBLICANS HATE AMERICA? campaign that lasts right through next years' election. Which, if they really did this and did it right, would be a sweeping Democratic victory both on the Presidential side and the Congressional side. 

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