25 October 2011

America the (*most*) Unequal -- What Occupy Wall Street is Really All About

Jeffrey Winters, in his new book Oligarchy, notes that in terms of concentration of wealth in the top 500 or so households as compared to the average of the bottom 90% of society, the United States today is the most unequal society in the history of this planet. In comparison, ancient Rome had a ratio of about 10,000 to 1. Ours is 20,000 to 1. And the state now exists primarily to protect the wealth of the wealthy, whereas at many times in the past they had to take care of that themselves (through direct military power).

Here is my theme for a movement to change the hideously disproportionate political power of the uber-rich in America today:

Government by Entrenched Monied Interests
for the Super-Rich and Big Corporations
It's time to restore Government by the People and for the People to our nation.

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  1. Yes. Check Greg Palast on the Goldman Sachs of Shit refusing money to a community bank in New york for low income folks that they are obliged to give to out of the TARP billions they received... unbelievable gall...because they support Occupy Wall Street. This is the beginning of a huge shift..I think...like Civil Rights...this is about Economic Rights. Send me that list of Roosevelt's Economic Rights. I am going to find my voice at long last...stay tuned.


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