04 October 2011

Crazy Harridan Ann Coulter and Irony So Thick You Can Cut it with a Knife

Fox news' far right (of course) host introduces Ann Coulter, about to compare Occupy Wall Street protesters to Nazis (again, of course), by saying "Hundreds of lefty Wall Street protesters were rounded up and arrested...." Nutcase Annie came on to say that this (the protests) was how totalitarianism always starts out.

Now, Ann, let me set you straight: rounding up and arresting protesters is what the beginning of totalitarianism looks like. Get a clue. People protesting non-violently in the streets is what DEMOCRACY looks like.

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  1. How totalitarianism starts is with people filling the minds of the populace with dis-information in through mainstream media. Hank Williams Jr. recently, on FOX, compared our president to Hitler! Resulting in ESPAN pulling his song from the opening of Monday Night Football (a staple for years). http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/post/obama-hitler-and-hank-williams-jr/2011/10/05/gIQAsnPOOL_blog.html
    If the sane, democratic people are compared with Hitler, then the true despots are under the cloak of dis-information.
    So let's stop calling them names and just point out how the right is subverting the American Dream in every way possible!


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