17 October 2011

Krugman essential reading

Krugman in the Times is essential reading today. Here.

I believe if the Democrats, and particularly the White House, were to realize, and soon, that they must offer the frustrated majority a sharp choice between reform and a major Paradigm Shift along the lines of The Way Forward (here), which I mentioned earlier in one of my posts, on the one hand, and more of the same on the other, the floodgates of support, including small and medium dollar financial support, would open. Folks like me, who are reluctant to contribute to the DNC or the House and Senate official committees, or to the Obama campaign, because we don't support more of the same, will step up once a definitive break, and a bold leadership plan, is made manifest. I hope the White House is realistically assessing what the Occupy Movement really means, because the future of our country is in the balance.

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  1. Me too. I have to believe it. I try to believe it. But after watching Ken Burns Prohibition...I am not sure I can actually believe that a great number of our fellow citizens aren't that mean and stupid. To realize the many facets of what led to prohibition...Lord, the people were never so crazy, misguided, extreme, morally deluded. During prohibition, the enforcement was even more nutty. The actual lawlessness especially in the cities was really unbelievable and not just gangsters. There are historic parallels now. The hypocritical moral right wing have always been with it. They just morphed the issue (they seem to be compelled to moralize about something) from booze to abortion and gay marriage. I have to believe tho that there is also the stream of thoughtful people who can keep these lunatics in line, but the extremity and intensity of need to scapegoat and try to feel better in awful ways seems to have increased with population increase and pressures which our government has failed to ameliorate and infact is probably making worse. /Nancy S


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