02 March 2012

2d Message to the White House today: get out in front on the Iran War Fever

Here's my second message to the White House today:

The President needs to cut off all the war hysteria on Iran at the pass. He needs to clearly state what his military and intelligence leaders have said: that there is no evidence that Iran has committed to building a nuclear weapon, and he needs to reassure the American people that we act in OUR interests, and will not allow our foreign policy to be dictated by Israel or anyone else. We will continue to seek a negotiated resolution to issues and suspect actions of the Iranians having to do with their nuclear program, but the White House will make decisions on the basis of facts, not on the basis of propaganda, or a drumbeat of war fever cooked up by vested interests.

I believe that the American people overwhelmingly DO NOT WANT another war in the Middle East, and if the President, as he is quite capable of doing, frames this issue correctly, the people overall will support him and it will inure to his benefit in seeking re-election.

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