14 March 2012

My contact to the White House about gas prices

I am writing to emphasize my belief that it is of great importance for the president to get out in front on the issue of gas prices. It is obvious to anyone who studies the matter that gasoline prices have increased due to illicit and unwarranted speculation in commodities markets, together with the effect of unwarranted war mongering by the neocons in Washington. The fact that the neocons are complicit with a foreign government, namely Israel, is probably not politically useful, but somehow the issue needs to be framed to make clear to the American people that gasoline prices are being manipulated and those doing the manipulating are not acting in America's interests. Furthermore, it needs to be made clear that the administration is not to blame. This is a difficult issue to frame, but successfully framing it may make the difference between reelection and disaster. I urge the president to formulate a speech, complete with charts and graphs in the manner of Ross Perot, in order to get out in front of this issue. I believe this is truly vital. Thank you.

FURTHER COMMENT also sent today: 

I wrote earlier today urging the president to get out in front of the issue of gas prices, by pointing out how prices are not the result of supply and demand, but the result of illicit speculation, largely by big financial institutions, in oil prices, and by unwarranted and unhelpful warmongering by Neocon types (with the complicity of the Israeli government). But what I should have stressed, and would like to point out again now, is that the president needs to make VEILED THREATS, just as he did previously on this same issue. Although the anti-speculation regulations under DODD FRANK are indeed inadequate, that should not stop the president from saying that his administration will urge Congress to investigate improper and unwarranted commodity speculation, which puts huge profits in the hands of the Wealth Extracting Financial Institutions at the expense of ordinary Americans. By doing this, the president will make clear that he IS doing something on behalf of the interests of ordinary people, and against the interests of the big finance speculators whose only goal is to enrich themselves at the expense of those who can't afford it, and to the detriment of our nation and its economy as a whole. The president needs to call them out on this.

Thank you. 

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