02 March 2012

First Message to White House: Get out in Front on Gas Prices

Here is the first of two messages I sent to the White House today:

Although the CFEC has failed to rein in the rampant speculation which is obviously the real cause of the spike in Gasoline prices (when domestic demand is actually LOW), the President can and should announce that his administration will investigate the unwarranted speculation going on in these markets. As Michael Greenberger has said, this would be like turning on a light; the cockroaches will go scurrying. The 1%er speculators, like the Koch Bros., who are responsible for this intentional harm to ordinary working Americans, don't want to take even a slight risk of going to jail.

The President already knows this tactic will work, because he said the same thing a year ago, and it was, in fact, the threat of investigation which drove gasoline prices down the LAST time they went over $4/gal.

The President can also urge Senate leaders to hold conspicuous public hearings on this issue.

High gas prices are a danger to our recovery, and a danger to the President's re-election chances, and it's vital that he get out in front of this issue immediately.

Thank you.

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