30 March 2015

Nothing to Fear in sending out signals to E.T.

I am as big a space and "E.T." enthusiast as the next nerd. But I find it impossible to take seriously the concern of people like Stephen Hawking that we should avoid broadcasting evidence of our existence out to a potentially hostile universe. See this.
My reasons are implicit in the essays I've previously posted on the Gryomantic about extraterrestrial civilizations. And it is not that I blandly assume, as do some, that such ETs would necessarily be benign, peaceful, beneficent, whatever adjective you prefer. Rather, quite simply put, it's that the enormous distances between likely centers of advanced civilization in the Galaxy, or wider universe, mean that it would never, ever make economic or other kind of sense for an advanced civilization to attack other civilizations for resources. And why else would they? Or, put another way, what other reason could they possibly have to fear us? 

I say, broadcast away. There is nothing to fear. 

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