22 March 2015

Schubert's Annus Mirabilis (reposted from Facebook)

Just received the 9 CD set of Schubert sonatas (all of them) played by the excellentissimus, András Schiff (recorded in the 90s). He makes even the juvenile D 157 sonata sparkle. I am thinking of (foolishly, from a 'real performance' point of view) undertaking to learn one of the late sonatas in the coming year.

There was an article in the New York Review of Books about a complete edition (score) of the Songs, and it mentioned that annus mirabilis... the year between Beethoven's death and Schubert's death. (1827-28). If you know Schubert's music, just think of it: the 4 Impromptus, D 935, the last 3 sonatas (all of which are sparkling and sublime masterpieces), Die Winterreise (Schubert's greatest liederkreis, or song-cycle), The Mass in E-flat, the Symphonny No. 9, Trios Nos. 1 in Bflat, op. 99, and No. 2, op. 100, the most wonderful String Quintet of the century, the Fantasy in F minor, a whole passle of other songs by the greatest lied composer ever. Most composers would be done proud by this volume of output in a decade, irrespective of quality, and some of this is among the most sublime music ever created by a human mind.

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