13 March 2015

Time to get a real Primary Contest going in the Democratic Party

I'm for Sanders. I like Warren, but she's not running. I've encouraged Washington Governor Jay Inslee to run (like he's listening to the likes of me). So I'll add Martin O'Malley. A rundown in WaMo's Political Animal blog, referencing an interview by Joan Walsh convinces me he'd be more progressive than Clinton. So, I'm on board with him too, depending on how things shake out. What I don't want to see happen is a Clinton Juggernaut, causing there to be no debate, insufficient grassroots organizing, not enough real to and fro to settle on exactly what Democrats are offering. I think the e-mail kerfuffle is ridiculous, but it does show that the Media and the Rightists will jump all over every little thing with Clinton and make THAT the story, while if there were a real race going, they wouldn't be able to. I've said over and over, if Clinton proves to be the nominee, fine, I will vote for her. But she does not represent my interests and views particularly well, so I want to see other Democrats take the 2016 opportunity seriously and throw in their hats. And, for the first time, I feel like saying, let's get going. The time is NOW. Mrs. Warren? Are you listening?
See this.

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