25 June 2015

Effects of the King v. Burwell decision

Two predictions. In the wake of the King v. Burwell victory, the bel0w-50% public approval of the Affordable Care Act (which largely results from effective Right Wing Propaganda) will gradually reverse, and the concept of universal health care will become normalized as the policy of our country, over time. Second, more and more, it will be known as the ACA or Affordable Care Act, not Obamacare (since it will come to have positive associations and these people hate Obama like the devil himself).
Now, from a Progressive point of view, this decision is truly historic, for the reason I intimate above: the concept of universal health care is now enshrined in law virtually unassailably. The Progressive agenda now should be to incrementally improve it. Regularize the exchange system. Eliminate all profit from insurance and healthcare delivery systems (the French and German systems). Ensure adequate services in all policies. Introduce a pay-go Medicare ("public option") choice, which will eventually be so much more competitive than private insurance that we will end up with a de facto single payer system, probably with "private patients" among the rich, as in Britain.

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