30 June 2015

Nutcase Dodges on Same Sex Marriage

Of the various totally insane ways the Cornered Conservatives in the South are trying to circumvent the Court decision in Obergefell, one is so obviously illegal it makes my head spin. That being the idea that county clerks could just opt out of compliance on the basis of religious objections. Did we not have a Civil Rights Act of 1965, FIFTY years ago? Did we not settle that public officials cannot discriminate on the basis of personal belief? If they can't bring themselves to do their jobs, they will just have to go into some other line of work.

The alternative idea, that the State will just stop issuing marriage licenses, is nutty, but probably legal. Residents of the various Nuttitanias of the region will have to travel to nearby slightly more civilized jurisdictions to get married, regardless of their orientation. Great plan.

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