28 June 2015

Ted Cruz and the popularity of the recent SC decisions

​A little noted fact, which proves the idiocy of Ted Cruz's proposal that due to the "worst two days in American history" (hyperbole, much?), we should amend the Constitution to make Supreme Court judges elected.

That fact is that, not only has same-sex marriage reached 60% approval in national polling, but, as well, as of this past month and for the first time since 2010, the NYT CBS News poll shows a plurality favoring the Health Care law.

CBS News/NY Times  6/10 - 6/14  Approve:  47%       

Disapprove:  44%      
For/Favor +3

​I have long argued that effective Right Wing propaganda is the main reason for poor poll numbers. People when polled on individual aspects of the law that actually affect most people who continue to get insurance through their employers, such as free preventative care, no lifetime caps, no pre-existing conditions, coverage of adult children to age 26, etc. ... people very much like the ACA.
I believe the plurality in favor of universal health care and the strong majority in favor of equal marriage rights will only increase.
The Supreme Court ruled on its interpretation of the law, not their read of popularity. But, contrary to Mr. Cruz's hallucinatory view of the American body politic, the two things appear to be pretty well aligned at the moment.

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