02 February 2017

Calling your senators and representatives (call to political action)



Call both your senators and your House representative's local AND Washington offices DAILY, if you can, to urge them to support resistance and oppose Trumpism by any and all lawful means necessary.

Your senators and congressional representatives do not read e-mails or even letters, but their staffs DO keep track of who calls and what positions they identify. This does have an effect, and is worth your time.

Thank you.


Jeff Merkley
Local 503 326-3386
Washgington 202 224-3753

Ron Wyden
Local 503 326-7525
Washington 202 224-5244

You can Google Oregon's five districts, if you live in Portland Metro area, and figure out which of these is your representative. It only works to call your own representative. And give them your ZIP code even if they don't ask for it.

Suzanne Bonamici (East Portland)
Local 503 469-6010
Washington 202 225-0855

Kurt Schrader (Oregon City/Clackamas/Salem and over to Central Coast)
Local 503 557-1324
Washington 202 225-5711

Earl Blumenauer (Beaverton, parts of Western Portland)
Local 503 231-2300
Washington 202 225-4811

IF YOU LIVE ELSEWHERE, this information is easily found on the internet! Call! Thank you!

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