25 February 2017

Repeating Myself : Choice of Perez a mistake

I am virtually certain that the majority of rank and file Democrats preferred Keith Ellison over Tom Perez. While I agree that it's not useful to relitigate the primaries of 2016 (where the choice ultimately made resulted in defeat, for whatever reasons), I think choosing the more establishment candidate over the popular choice was indicative of EXACTLY THE WRONG KIND OF THINKING going forward. I set my contribution form I got in the mail the other day for the DNC aside, awaiting today's outcome. I started to send it back with "Nope... wrong choice for Chair" scribbled on it, but I tossed it. Hell with it. Don't want to waste their money; they will do their part. But I made out my check to Progressive Change Campaign Committee instead and won't bother with the DNC. I put my money where people who agree with my view of the party and the future are in charge.

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