24 February 2017

Krugman on Republican Health Care "plan"

Many who style themselves even as "moderate Democrats" have an almost visceral distaste for Paul Krugman (which I don't share at all, but I note its existence). 

But whatever your politics, I think the points he makes today in this piece are well-nigh irrefutable. The Republican "ideas" about health care are intellectually and morally bankrupt, and, in fact, downright fraudulent in that they are based ultimately on intentional deception. Basically, they have no ideas: they just want to wreck a system that, while far inferior to the Enhanced Medicare for All that would actually reduce costs and enhance outcomes for everyone, is better than anything any Republican has ever seriously put forward. Their solution, in essence, is to simply NOT cover 35 million people. Let 'em die. While imposing greatly increased costs, and inferior service, on the tens of millions who can barely afford coverage. And I say, that is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I suspect that when people realize just how bankrupt "repeal and replace" really is, there will be a massive shift in public opinion away from Republicans in Congress. And it could not happen soon enough, as far as I'm concerned. 

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