08 July 2024

Defeat in this election is UNTHINKABLE

We have a crisis of leadership in America, but the global trend towards authoritarianism is not a "done deal." Far from it. The center left won a landslide in Britain, and less than a week later, also won a solid victory in France. We must take this as an affirmation, and strive mightily for victory for democracy here. I have come to believe that the best path forward... would have to be immediately ... is for Biden to acknowledge that he has lost confidence and needs to step aside, become the elder statesman, and let the convention choose someone else to carry this torch to victory in November. But even if he doesn't do that, we absolutely cannot allow the forces of the far right, which to a great extent are using Trump as a tool for their fascist agenda, to succeed. Never give up. Fight like our democracy depends on it, because it does, period.

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