07 July 2024

Tesla set to be a bigger energy co. thru battery storage than it is a car company: comments

See Electric Viking's video apropos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf7LxMp9e3k

I celebrate the technology, but I have to say under the laws we supposedly enforce, Tesla being third in American auto mfg., and being a huge player in power grid technology is pretty well along into illegal monopolistic practices. Whether there is any political will to do anything about that is highly dubious. It seems politicians of whatever stripe have no problem with monopolies, or at least oligopolies, as long as they keep the money flowing inside USA. 

What is even more interesting though is the extent to which worldwide energy system technology is becoming heavily dependent on (if not dominated by) China. (Tesla is almost as much a Chinese company as it is an American company). With the MAGA fascists promising trade war with China, seems to me Xi Jin Ping would want Chinese influence to favor the Democrats. Contrary to conventional wisdom. But Democrats have a huge advantage: they are more or less guided by reality, not paranoid delusions. I believe whatever else they may be, those who lead China are pretty clear eyed about geopolitics and how the world economy works. That may not always be said of their American counterparts. They have bet heavily on technological development, and it is paying off for them. Whether we are going to be able to do likewise in the coming decades is very much open to question. 


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