16 November 2004

Feith to Replace Ridge?

Eschaton is reporting a rumor that Tom Ridge is going to be replaced by Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz protegé Douglas Feith, whom Gen. Tommy Franks called "the stupidest fucking guy on the face of the Earth."

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  1. Well, look at it from the Bushes' point of view. OBL is either a family friend, or a friend of a family friend (so it is said). W certainly has no use for New York. Why not let OBL off NYC? Then W gets all the sympathy, and NYC isn't even there to point out that this could have been prevented with a different appointment to Homeland Security.

    We can't get an unedited report on 9/11 (you know, the one with all the finger-pointing), so the fact that our ports, chemical plants, water reservoirs, electrical grids, etc., remain unguarded is not a fact that gets much play in the news.

    The Bush Administration (and a lot of other people) obviously thinks OBL is going to attack us a third time in exactly the same way he attacked us the first or second time. Now that is dumb enough to give al-Qaeda a barrel of laughs. Anyway, no one's watching the back door, so that is where they will walk right in.


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