08 November 2004

Help stop MSNBC from squelching Olbermann

Our intrepid correspondent, John Malecki, offers this, complete with sample letter:

Keith Olbermann on MSNBC is supposed to report on voting irregularities andpossible fraud surrounding the election. However, the rumor is that MSNBCexecutives are pressuring him to give up on his investigation and cancel thereports, or spin them to favor Bush and the status quo.

It takes about 5 seconds to drop MSNBC a line about this. I've even provideda handy letter below. Just copy and paste, being sure to plunk your name andcity at the end.

Click on 'Letters to MSNBC' and an email window should pop up.

I've heard that MSNBC is trying to stop Keith Olbermann's investigation andreporting on the possible voter fraud story.

This is outrageous, if true. There are 56 million Americans who voted for John Kerry, and I would suspect millions of patriotic Bush voters, who wantto hear the truth.

We deserve to know what's going on with our system and whether or not we cantrust our leaders. You and the rest of the press are the only people who canfind out the truth and convey it to us.

Do not shirk your responsibility on this matter. Let Olbermann report onthis story, and do so without pressure to slant his findings.

[Your name and city here]

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