13 October 2009

AHIP doublespeak talking points: why should we care about preserving their rapacious profits? Are they nuts?

TPM has posted anti-reform talking points from AHIP ("America's Health Insurance Sickness Profiteering Plans" [ASPP]). Just an example of their incredible doublespeak: 
Dismantling Employer-based Coverage: More than 165 million Americans rely on employer-provided health care coverage. The Lewin Group projects that up to 120 million people would move from private health insurance into a government run plan that pays medicare rates and as many as 97 million would shift to a government run plan if it paid Medicare rates plus ten percent. This violates the shared commitment to ensure that those who like their coverage can keep it. [Emphasis added].

Huh? How the hell can they say that giving people additional options, including an option to purchase cheaper and better insurance from a public plan, "violates" a commitment to allow people to keep their current insurance if they like it? 

Essentially, they are admitting that their product adds no value, and they don't want to have to compete with a non-profit plan. So, exactly why should the public care about preserving their profits, again? I missed that part.

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  1. Callers to Air America are also quoting other Southern Babtist talking points stating that the current Baucus bill requires abortion! On questioning the caller, he did not seem to understand what "requires" meant in this context! These are the ears listening for Obama failure, listening at their own peril to defeat the very bills that would help them out of their misery! We have to do better to overcome the right wing propaganda!


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