09 October 2009

Obama Nobel Prize and the Hypocritical Right

Right-wingers are so dumbfoundingly hypocritical. Can't they hear the slightest echo of what they would have said had any left-of-center commentators or politicians said one less-than-enthusiastic word had their favorite president received the Nobel Peace Prize or comparable award?  (However ridiculous that might seem, given the fact that he spent his presidency promoting conflict).

Doesn't it send just a hint of shame through their stony little hearts to be griping about a major international award to the President of their country, which they claim to love so exclusively? These people, like Limbaugh, John Bolton, and Michael Steele, to name just three, are awful, nasty, small-minded and stupid. To which we now have to add unpatriotic. There, that's not mincing words.

UPDATE:  The ever despicable Rush Limbaugh kind of said it all, echoing Ahmadinejad and Taliban spokespersons condemning the award: "We all agree with the Taliban and Iran."  There's a voice of patriotism, for sure.

I'd say "what a pig," but pig is too good a term for Rush. 

1 comment:

  1. They are on a propaganda tear that will not cease unless the tactic fails. Those who listen for Obama to fail are happy to hear the lies! To be clear, the tone of the right wing is deafeningly corrupt, anti-American, cynical, dispicable, without integrity! Rove continues to rule their mouths!


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