27 October 2009

Lieberman should be threatened with loss of all caucus privileges; and if he follows through on HIS threat, this should actually happen

My letter to Sen. Reid today:
Dear Sen. Reid,

I commend you for returning a bill to the Senate floor containing essential provisions including at least a form of the public option so vital to controlling costs and actually providing people with meaningful choices.

Sen. Schumer says you've counted the votes and not to count out the chances for passage.

Let me be clear. If the Obstructionist Republican except in name Joe Lieberman follows through with his threat today to join the Republicans in filibustering this historic reform, it is LONG PAST TIME to expel him from the Democratic caucus, strip him of all committee responsibilities, and basically cast him into the outer darkness. Hopefully if the Democratic leadership makes clear to this horrible man that this is what awaits him, he will cling to his beloved power and toe the line. If not, the threat must be carried out. Enough is enough, and Americans will not tolerate further coddling of this never-really-was former Democrat.

Thank you.

David Studhalter

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