29 October 2009

E-mail to White House: rein in Lieberman, for crying out loud

I'm really starting to feel like a tape loop. Anyway, here's today's e-mail to the White House.

I am so intensely frustrated with the lack of real energy on health reform coming from the White House.

It is totally clear that Sen. Lieberman has reneged on his assurances not to block the Democratic Agenda, but where is the opprobrium? Where is the fire in the belly in favor of the reform that at least 55% of the American people, and the VAST MAJORITY of the people who elected this president, DEMAND?

The White House didn't hesitate to threaten congressional representatives with outer darkness over military funding, but here this horrible ex-Democrat, whose own state favors a public insurance option by 68%, a 47% margin, is being treated with kid gloves when he OVERTLY threatens to sink reform?

Lieberman needs to be told he will be expelled from all his chairmanships and treated like the Republican he is if he does this.

The President is NOT living up to his promises to bring real change, and the people who put him in office are getting more and more disaffected.

Listen to this. Don't ignore it. Because the Democratic coalition that elected President Obama is unraveling. If that happens, it will be RIGHTLY laid at the door of the president.

The president must condemn Lieberman by name, and demand both publicly and privately that all Democrats unite behind the reform the people demand, including the public insurance option, NOW.

Thank you.

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