23 February 2010

Deceitful politicians only reason Public Option not in reconciliation bill

I can imagine no reason, other than deceitful politicians, why, if we're now down to passing a health care bill using reconciliation (explain again to me why we didn't do this six months ago?)... that we cannot have a public option in the health reform bill. There were, unless some Senate Democrats were lying, more than 50 votes for a public option. Now, the White House says there aren't, even though 65% of the public when polled say they want it.

I reluctantly conclude that Democrats in Congress (and the White House) are practicing deceit and secret deals with Health Insurers, and that Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher are right in saying so.

Please write your Senators and Congressmen, and demand a public option (yet again), and that they get this thing done, finally, at long last.

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