26 February 2010

Polls are showing public not bamboozled by Republican flimflam

Republicans, as we all know, are masters of crocodile tears, but in this case, it appears the bamboozlement isn't working. TPM reports that recent polling reveals that by substantial margins folks want legislation to be passed by majority vote, and they don't trust the filibuster. Probably at least some people remember the refrain Republicans used to croak with regularity during the Bush years: "Up or down vote! Up or down vote!"

I think this "Restore Majority Rule" meme should be a big ticket item for Dems, both nationally, and with its special meaning in relation to eliminating the supermajority needed under the draconian budget and revenue provisions of the Calif. Constitution as amended by the infamous prop 13 in 1979, in my home state of California.

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