25 February 2010

Republican Hypocrisy just incredible.

I find it just unbelievable to watch Newt Gingrich say the Democrats are "majoritarian" "like Hugo Chavez," because they might dare to use the reconciliation process to pass health care with a mere majority in the Senate, even though this same process has been used at least six times in the past, dating back to the 80s, to pass health policy changes, and has been used 22 times, (as Sen. Boxer pointed out on Maddow last night) since 1980... 16 of those times by Republicans. Now, can we all stand in a circle and yell "HYPOCRITES!"?

Oh, and Newt? I don't buy any connection with Hugo Chavez, but I'll take the "majoritarian" label and wear it proudly, as should any American. Our constitution is supposed to protect the rights of the minority, but when it comes to deciding policy, I say, bring on majority rule. Anything less compromises and diminishes our democracy. 

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