19 February 2010

Get health care done, Sen. Reid, through RECONCILIATION, NOW

Been here, done this, but I'm giving it another go, after reports that up to 52 senators may be on board: my e-mail to Harry Reid today: 

Dear Sen. Reid:

I am writing to urge you IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS to support and energetically work for the use of reconciliation to pass meaningful health reform FORTHWITH, and that it include a public option and a medicare buy-in for those over 50 or 55.

The TIME IS NOW to get this done, and support for Democrats, including your own re-election, Sen. Reid, will surge once this is done.

The American people are sick and tired of MINORITY RULE and the obstruction of the party of No. But, it's a sad fact of life that when the majority party cannot get the job done, the electorate blames them... even by electing the very people who have obstructed reform! Of course it makes no sense, but this is the reality.

Thank you.

David Studhalter

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