25 June 2011

Besan and Almond Flour Bread Machine Yeast Bread Low Carb Recipe


Or, here:
2 T flax seed whole
2 T ground psyllium seed
½ cup vital wheat gluten-- not gluten flour, but the actual gluten powder (available from Honeyville)
½ cup coarse ground whole wheat flour
1 cup besan (chickpea flour)
1 cup almond flour (or could use oat flour)
½ cup wheat bran or oat bran or mix
1½ tsp sea salt
½ tsp stevia powder (optional)
½ tsp vanilla extract
small handful of walnut pieces

> gently mix all dry ingredients except yeast in bowl.

1 T SAF or bread machine yeast w/ (1 T dextrose (or sugar) in 2 T water) or (1 T water, 1 T honey); let stand for a while
> This step is necessary because the low-starch flours will not activate the yeast well enough otherwise.

2 eggs lightly beaten plus water or other liquid to make 1¼ cups
3T canola oil

> put liquid ingredients including yeast in bread machine pan, add dry ingredients, shake pan
set for rapid whole wheat if you have that, light crust, 1 lb. loaf
adjust with liquid or one of the flours if two wet or dry, when kneading it should form a fairly smooth ball, but not stick to pan

>take out at once when done, cool. Will keep at room temp reasonably well

Even though this bread is only 1/3 wheat, and half of that is gluten, I've found that it makes a passable substitute for whole wheat yeast bread. I have no sure way to estimate the carb count, but based on the ingredients I believe it should be a reasonably low carb bread. Also, what carbs it does have should be less digestible than any wheat flour, which is the key for low carb diets.

Although I don't bake bread in the oven generally, I see no reason this wouldn't work perfectly well as a hand kneaded bread. Don't overdo it... the flours have no gluten at all naturally, and the gluten is added in. It shouldn't need a real lot of kneading. Of course, like any bread, you have to use your experience and instinct to get the dough consistency right. You can just add regular flour if you need to, or a tiny bit of water, for the other direction.

Apropos gluten. I understand that a lot of people have... or believe they have... gluten intolerance, and obviously this bread would not work for them. There are zero gluten recipes out there, but that's not what this one is about. This one tries to reduce easily digestible starch, which is a problem for people with metabolic syndrome or who want to avoid sliding into metabolic syndrome through eating too much refined carbohydrate. The gluten makes nongluten low-carb flours act more like wheat, and actually make bread. Without it, a yeast type bread made predominantly from these flours is impossible.

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