11 June 2011

McKinsey study on HCR: garbage

It surprises me not at all that McKinsey & Co. has published a "study" claiming that Health Care Reform will cause employers to drop benefits. See this. I've had enough experience with these "management consultants" to know that virtually everything they say is just unfounded conventional wisdom and non-scientific conclusions based on unreliable evidence. They're almost entirely in the business of dressing up what their clients want to hear in the trappings of intellectual foundation. (So it can be used to justify actions the clients wanted to take anyway; usually for nefarious, plutocratic, and anti-worker reasons).

I look upon McKinsey and similar phony intellectual management consultants, and the doctrines of the schools of business foremost among which is Harvard Business School, across the river from the real Harvard, as part of the problem of the economy of this country, not part of the solution. This pattern now dates back more than a generation.

We have to completely reform the way business is conducted and regulated in this country, along the lines of the way it is conducted in Germany. Part of that process will be to permanently discredit and discard the anti-employee doctrines promulgated by the likes of McKinsey and big business schools, Harvard chief among them.

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