30 June 2011

Glenn Beck ba-bye

If you ever found yourself saying "Please God, make Glenn Beck go away," (or Rush Limbaugh, but that's another matter)... it looks like the prayers of who knows how many thousands have been answered, and the Beckster is finally being dragged away from television. (At least TV that anyone watches; his radio show being another story).

Somehow I think even a paranoid megalomaniac like Beck, despite his weird attraction for some folks out there in the Greatland, can't pull off his own network. Even his counterpart Keith Olbermann had to take refuge in an existing Network that actually had a rational plan for ultimately justifying its existence. (And of course, Olbermann actually has something to say that makes sense on a daily basis).

I feel fairly confident that Glenn Beck will now begin a long and richly deserved fadeout.

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