01 June 2011

A message to Democrats... Stand your ground!

See Daily KOS today. They publish the results of a recent poll that shows:
  • A majority of voters do not want the Affordable Care Act repealed: Just 42% of voters want to see the new healthcare law repealed, with 56% preferring to either give it a chance to work and make changes as needed (48%) or to keep it as is (8%).
  • Voters are even less supportive of defunding than repeal: If efforts to repeal the law in Congress fail, voters disapprove of defunding it by a 16-point margin (39% approve / 55% disapprove)....
  • Voters overwhelmingly reject Ryan budget’s proposed changes to Medicare. After voters hear [a] neutral description of the Ryan plan’s proposed changes to Medicare, they oppose the budget by a 16-point margin (38% support / 54% oppose). Among seniors, opposition rises to 58%, and it reaches 60% among independents after they hear about the substance of the plan’s proposed changes to Medicare....
  • Voters are just as concerned about the impact of the Ryan budget on certain aspects of Medicaid and the ACA as they are about its changes to Medicare. As concerned as voters are about the Ryan budget’s proposed changes to Medicare, they are just as opposed to its proposed Medicaid cuts that would impact four-out-of-five of nursing home residents (63% very concerned). 
  • There is also strong concern that the budget would allow insurance companies to continue to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions (61% very concerned). This is even higher than the concern caused by the budget cutting billions from Medicare while protecting tax breaks for big oil (59% very concerned), or that it will privatize Medicare (55% very concerned).
 OK, Democrats, take heed! Stay on message, tout Health Care Reform, and REFUSE to cut benefits for Medicare. (Cost controls, yes, cut benefits, no). The Republican positions on all these issues are terrifically and increasingly unpopular. Don't cave in! Stand your ground, call their bluff, and prevail! 

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