31 July 2011

Debt Deal Horrible for Progressives, America

The so-called debt deal being reported at this moment (Sunday morning) as "in the works", to ...
  • turn over the essential governance of our nation by elected representatives to a designated commission that arbitrarily contains equal representation of both parties, thus guaranteeing that it will not be representative of the demonstrated wishes of the majority of the public
  • force massive cuts in essential spending when it's obvious to everyone with a whit of understanding of how the economy actually works that our economy is slipping, at best, into a secondary recession and more stimulus is what's needed
  • do absolutely nothing to shift the imbalance in revenue to force a larger share to be paid by the wealthiest individuals and by big corporations
  • do nothing to ensure that outsize military spending will bear the brunt of any cuts...
...may achieve the short term goal of avoiding catastrophic default, but it's clearly a disaster for progressives and for America.

I'll just say it: Obama has again betrayed his core supporters, and his re-election is in jeopardy. When, in the last few days especially, it became clear that the Rightists are playing a terrorist game, i.e., holding our entire nation's welfare hostage for their own minoritarian policy demands; he should have taken the bold step of invoking the 14th Amendment, in order to prevent just this catastrophe. The fact that he refused to take that courageous step, to me, guarantees that he will fail ultimately to reverse the trend towards Rightist control of America, and will go down in history as a closer analog to Herbert Hoover than to FDR.

Now what? Well, a long slog, and a great fight, but you cannot fool everyone forever, and I still maintain that the essential elitism and arrogance of the Right is slowly but surely dawning on even the dumbest and most lied to in America, and the populace will not stand for it forever.

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