24 July 2011

The president, AT LONG LAST, must stand up for Democratic values (e-mail to the White House)

Been on vacation through the last couple of horrible weeks in American politics. Here's my response to the most recent events (e-mail to the White House) :

This idea of a "Super Congress" is not only unconstitutional and antithetical to the very principles of Democracy, it is a very, very bad idea for Democrats. The president must take decisive action, and state flatly that there will be no default on the debt, invoking thereby the 14th Amendment powers. Then he must fight like hell to preserve the programs that are the very hallmark of Democratic policy: Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and infrastructure investment to create new jobs, which will mean new revenue and the end of this Depression and its revenue crisis. No other policies will work. The President must, somewhere in his conciliatory heart, know this is true. We are demanding that he stand strong for Democratic values at long last. The time for compromise with the downright UNPATRIOTIC zealots in the other party is past. We, the Democrats who elected Pres. Obama on a promise of POSITIVE change, demand a major course correction and that the president finally stand up for what we elected him to do.

Thank you.

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