29 July 2011

The unreality only deepens

Now we read where Boehner is adding in a balanced budget amendment to his supposed "compromise" bill. The unreality only gets deeper and deeper.

To my mind, although it is of course somewhat problematical, the President now has no choice but to say:  

"Look, for generations, ever since 1917, the raising of the debt ceiling has been pro forma. Now, the Republicans have decided to try to hold the entire country hostage, at the risk of destroying our economy, in an attempt to extort unpopular policy changes. But the Constitution is actually quite clear: the debt of the United States cannot be questioned. I will see to it, as the President of the United States, that our government pays its bills, no matter what. Now, I call upon Congress to take responsible action to avoid any conflict over this matter, but that is my declaration to the American people: we will not default, we will pay our bills, and I will see to it by whatever means are necessary. Period."

If this president had the forcefulness and will to say this, right now, I believe it would redound to his credit and would avert this manufactured crisis completely and finally. 

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