06 July 2011

Yet another e-mail to the White House on the Debt Crisis and the so-called "Nuclear Option"

I urge Pres. Obama to indeed "invoke the nuclear option" of Article IV of the 14th Amendment with regard to the Republican extortion tactics and manufactured "debt crisis." This is pure blackmail, and these people care less about their country and its economic health than they do about extorting political advantage. At the very least, the president will have succeeded in deferring the issue, and deferring artificially created crises is sometimes a way of resolving them, because the whole psychological dynamic will have changed. The president needs to go on television and explain to the American people just what the Republicans are trying to do, why it's bad for America, why it's contrary to what polls show the great majority of Americans want (i.e., preservation of Medicare and Social Security, and focus on jobs, not the deficit in a time of Recession), and he needs to ASK FOR THE PEOPLE'S SUPPORT. This will work, and is a much better strategy than trying to negotiate from a position well inside the "enemy turf" of a manufactured "deficit crisis," when the REAL crisis is the lack of jobs. More jobs = more revenue = deficit problem solved. The president needs to make this crystal clear so that everyone in the country who pays any attention AT ALL to public affairs understands it. Thank you.
David Studhalter

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