14 September 2015

Krugman on Corbyn and Labour politics in Britain: must read

Krugman in NYT this morning is must read, on what the implications of Corbyn's triumph over Labour's Conservative Wannabes will mean for Britain. It's hard not to think about the not-quite-perfect analogy with the struggle between the Clintonians and the Sanders Wing of the Democratic Party here. (Here, the Progressives have already had some success in pulling the whole party towards a more forward thinking stance, and, it must be said, Sanders is not nearly as far to the left as Corbyn... for better or worse.

Money quote: "In short, the whole narrative about Labour's culpability for the economic crisis and the urgency of austerity is nonsense. But it is nonsense that was consistently reported by British media as fact. And all of Mr. Corbyn's rivals for Labour leadership bought fully into that conventional nonsense, in effect accepting the Conservative case that their party did a terrible job of managing the economy, which simply isn't true."

It's unusual to see someone making a convincing case that, for once, the US Media seems to be actually a little better at NOT reporting Right Wing propaganda as fact than the British media.

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