10 September 2015


Robert Reich posted this on FB:​

"I don't understand it," a political reporter I've known for years told me this morning. "A new poll shows Sanders leading in Iowa. He's leading in New Hampshire. It makes no sense."

"It makes sense to me," I said.

"Well then, explain it to me."

"Bernie is speaking about what's true and important – the plundering of our economy and the pillaging of our democracy by big corporations and Wall Street and billionaires."

"But that's been going on for years," he said. "Why now? Why are Americans suddenly waking up to it?"

"Because it's reached a tipping point." I explained. "There hasn't been this much inequality of income, wealth, and political power since the Gilded Age of the 19th century. Americans are fed up."

"But they're disillusioned with politics. Few even vote. So why are they suddenly becoming involved now? How do you explain the crowds?" he asked.

"Because in Bernie they're discovering someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth or to propose big solutions."

"Maybe you're right," said the reporter. "But I'll believe it if he wins Iowa and New Hampshire."

"Stay tuned," I said.

What do you think?

​Tell ya what I think. I think people oughtta start getting used to President Sanders. Cause the grassroots movement behind him is picking up speed.

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