13 September 2015

Thinking about the Iran deal

​So, the Republicans are saying it's "Obama's Foreign Policy Obamacare" (as if that were a bad thing; Obamacare isn't ideal, but it's pretty much an unqualified success as far as it goes, as any honest analyst must admit). That it will be "the Democrats' to defend." Etc.

This is typical deceitful and delusional Republican thinking. First, the alternative to this deal was obvious: Nothing. The Iranians would, relatively soon, have developed a nuclear weapon. Whose interests would that have served? Analysts from Republicans Lawrence Wilkerson and Colin Powell, to the finest minds of all the P5 plus one intelligence and foreign service apparatuses, all agree that the deal is a good one, and actually better than seemed feasible just a few months ago.

So maybe the Republicans are right. It is Obama's Foreign Policy Affordable Care Act: a triumph that will form part of the president's legacy and help ensure the Democratic Party's nominee is elected next year. Nothing, after all, succeeds like success.

Then I think back to the 47 Republicans who signed Tom Cottons letter, in violation of the Logan Act, to Iranian leaders, basically saying: Don't trust the US Negotiators, don't place any credit in the government of the United States. Kissinger and Reagan (allegedly) said things similar to this to foreign leaders behind closed doors (shamefully). But this was out in the open, in a letter made public the same day. So much for partisan dissension "stops at the water's edge." I will say, as I said at the time: this was not a peccadillo. It was treason. ​

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