17 July 2018

Judy Woodruff interviewing John Sipher

​​... career CIA guy based in Moscow in the 1990s. Something pretty close to this seems to be the consensus among intelligence people. Trump has consistently attacked and disrespected them, and their proclivity to accept presidential authority without question has been shaken to the point that they have a pretty clear view of what's going on with this guy. 

There are always positive consequences from even the most awful developments (along with the bad ones, obviously). One good thing that may come out of all this is that the intelligence community will be skeptical of blind allegiance to presidential power. 

That is, assuming we do manage to get through this with the American republic still more or less intact. A reasonable, but not safe, bet. 


Yo amo, tú amas, el ama, nosotros amamos, vosotros amáis, ellos aman. 

Ojalá no fuese conjugación sino realidad.

--Mario Benedetti

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