04 July 2018

Progressive Change in the Democratic Party

As someone who's very happy to see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win the primary in Queens/Bronx against an "establishment" Democrat, I want to be very, very clear. I regard her win as a bellwether, not some kind of political earthquake or revolution. It is not the Progressive hope or intention to divide the Democratic Party. Just the opposite. We hope to infuse the party with new enthusiasm, new purpose, and new direction. We hope to spur the leadership of the party to think big, go bold, and realize that what will win in '18 and '20 is not business as usual but embracing the VERY POPULAR progressive agenda of the younger, more connected people coming from the organizing and grassroots of the party. And yes, to a great extent, that means the people who got behind and were energized by Bernie Sanders in 2016. It's a new day. Our party needs to stand for positive change, not just "NOT TRUMP," and we need to galvanize the energy of younger voters and give Independents, tired of business as usual in Washington from both parties, a real reason to vote Democratic in '18, '20, and beyond.



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