08 July 2018

Just amazing

It is nothing short of amazing that clown show barker Rudy G. is tacitly admitting that there is an impeachment case to be made against the Mob Boss Prez he works for, and that they're doing everything they can -- not to defend him on the merits, but to put procedural roadblocks in the way of the investigation, and to sway public opinion -- so that, for purely political reasons, even a Democratic Congress will be reluctant to impeach. And this when essentially no Democratic leadership voices are even suggesting that impeachment is on the agenda. 

Just amazing. 

Meanwhile, the most important issue before us... the fact that we have been, and continue to be the victim of a successful cyber warfare attack by Russia, in a coordinated effort to undermine western liberal democracy (which they don't even deny, except on their own clown car media)... is going mostly unaddressed by politicians of either party. One can hope that the counterintelligence forces continue to do their jobs to defend our country against these attacks even with an unwitting Kremlin agent in charge of the executive branch. If the Democratic leadership had any sense, they would make "STOP Russian Cyber attacks on the United States" and "Prevent Interference in our Elections" major election issues in both '18 and '20.


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