18 July 2018

What we're up against

The NYT has an article about "cracks" appearing in the Trump base. But we Democrats have to get real. For 2018, the fact that Trump has only a roughly 35% core of voters who will probably vote for his reelection in 2020 no matter what DOES NOT REALLY MATTER. What matters is analytics, GOTV, and, especially, giving voters GOOD REASONS TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC in states with Senate races we can win, and in every single Congressional district in the country, regardless of whether there is that much of a chance of winning this year. Because we need to take back the House (pretty good shot), AND the Senate (much harder), but more than that: We have to lay the foundations for retaining control of both houses for a good, long while. If we do this work and succeed in 2018, I think 2020 will follow as night the day, and Trump and Trumpism can be defeated and swept into the dustbin of history. (The Republican party will have to regroup and reorganize, like it hasn't had to do since 1964... even 2008 was not quite like what I'm envisioning here). The stakes are very high. My friends, we simply cannot lose. Because it is no exaggeration to say that the fate of the American republic is at stake. We are closer to losing the checks and balances of our constitution to permanent autocracy than at any time in more than a century. EVERYONE must get involved and think seriously about what they can do to help make sure we win these elections and put forward a governing agenda that attracts a permanent base that the Republicans will be unable to overcome for quite some time.


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