11 April 2020

Life in the time of Corona Virus: Even less than perfect testing can be effective, but ONLY if massively deployed... and we are not doing that

Please read this to help understand why a full-on wartimelike mobilization to develop and deploy MILLIONS of tests and follow up contact tracing and isolation of positives is the ONLY WAY we will be able to return to a semblance of normality short of a vaccine or effective antiviral treatment. It's all about getting R0 under 1, so that the virus can be contained if it breaks out. This really only takes place AFTER we get this initial wave under control, but if we're not ready to go at that point with testing on a massive scale, the epidemic will just come roaring back. (And early indications are that, like other coronaviruses, this one is NOT seasonal, and can return even in Summer).

Sadly, our Federal government is simply not doing what needs to be done to control this epidemic. They failed to take any useful action in January (even the so called travel ban with China was entirely ineffective). They wasted February. They wasted March, doing virtually nothing other than cooperating with states that imposed stay at home orders and actually interfering with the efficient control of supplies of critical medical equipment, making the situation worse not better. Now they seem to be wasting April, talking about totally infeasible early ending of social isolation procedures, which if implemented will only cause the epidemic to roar back.

Massive testing, contact tracing, and isolation of positives is the ONLY way to suppress the epidemic enough to allow any return to relatively normal activity.

Vote like the future depends on it. 
Because it does. 

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