03 April 2020

Wartime Strategic Materials

Our federal government is failing miserably at handling the emergency. There are so many aspects to this that one could literally go on and on about it page after page. But here's one aspect of it I haven't seen discussed. I'm surprised, frankly, something like this idea hasn't already been done.

PPE, medical equipment, certain staples and basic supplies even including things like paper towels and toilet paper, should be declared by Congress to be pandemic emergency strategic commodities. Supply lines and prices should be regulated on a wartime schedule. Fair markup to compensate manufacturers, distributors and retailers at a standard rate. All profiteering treated as a serious felony, with fines minimum $10,000 up to 1000x the retail price of the product being trafficked.

We need to start thinking of this as a war. Because it is. And in wartime, trafficking in strategic materials is very close to treason.


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